”A suitable program run well and good things can happen”


There has never been more material / ideas to choose from when planning your training sessions. This can be a bit daunting and at times we can have great looking sessions but with low impact. Let’s work together with the goal of improvement for the coming year. Complete Enquiry Form including some details of your experience, team involved with this year and potential areas of focus or improvement.

Athlete Development programs are provided to improve physical performance across the board. This can include OFF, PRE & INSEASON Phases of the Teams Annual Plan. Specific Intervention Programs can also be catered for on request.

A program doesn’t need to be fancy / complicated to make a difference. It is about selecting a program that meets your group’s needs. Then it’s the application of coaches and players alike, which will decide what improvements, are made. All teams are training, but some are improving more than others!

”A suitable program run well and good things can happen”

These programs are for teams of all levels working from teenager up to adult level male and female. The programs can be tailored depending on the demands of the sport, level of athlete, training experience in conjunction with the coaches philosophy and team’s style of play.

A program may be required for a certain time of season or a coach may require a SOLUTION to a particular part of his/her training program. For example it may be in relation to appropriate warm ups or supplementary fitness session’s or the when & how of speed development in a team environment.

Individual Programs can be delivered through an ON-LINE app ensuring clarity, accountability, & improvement. Depending on solution required material can also be delivered in-person in an education / workshop format.

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Paudie Kissane: Athlete Development & Performance

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I have worked with Paudie over the last two years in his role as Trainer of the Eire Og senior football team. Over this period, Paudie’s commitment to developing us collectively as a team and individually as players and athletes has been first class.

Paudie’s application and attention to detail in the various elements of athletic development and coaching has significantly improved our team’s performance over the last two seasons. During the various Covid lockdowns, Paudie provided each player with tailored S&C programmes which were completed at home. These programmes focused on maintaining fitness, improving strength, speed, agility and injury prevention which ensured that returning to the pitch was as efficient as possible.

From S&C to skills execution to tactical awareness, Paudie’s ability to create a culture of self improvement and teamwork makes playing football enjoyable and rewarding.

Daniel Goulding, Eire OG, Cork


Book for initial Free Consultation to establish what your team & individual players needs

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