I am available to speak, deliver workshops, consult in relation to athlete development & performance. Get in touch and lets review your existing club program. Are you confident that your development program is aligned with what is required at adult level?

Irrespective of how the season is going there is always something new to learn or a different perspective that can help the develoment of coaches and players. Judging by results only can be misleading and a long-term approach is encouraged.
If the philophy of your club is about developing players to the best of their ability in a supportive and enjoyable environment then PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS has to be to the forefront.

Provide your coaches with the right technique and tools to move forward:

Learn how to incorporate physical development as part of your training sessions. The best exercises and programs are the ones that are performed on a consistent basis. Gain confidence and knowledge in how to deliver an effective warm up for your age group and level of experience.

Learn how to incorporate SPEED as part of your pitch-based sessions. This is the game changer that every player can get better at. To make progress SPEED must be addressed on a consistent basis selecting the right exercises, intensity, and rest periods.

Some players can be great to run from cone to cone or respond to a whistle. This can be great to develop fitness but how do we set up our drills and games to ensure the player has a high level of physical, skill and decision-making ability. Increase the chance of TRANSFER from preparation to match-day.

Identify the problem and create the SOLUTIONS. Learn how to create sessions based on the areas that are holding back your players / teams performance. Mistakes are part of the learning process but are we designing sessions to help increase a players ability to make the right decisions in a game.

As coaches we are keen to learn about a new drill, game, exercise or tactic that may help our team or club going forward. Yes all those areas are valuable but what can be under-valued is the culture in which the group operates. I have been fortunate as a player and coach to be part of variety of different elite teams and groups. Get an insight into what I think is important to performance in 2021. It could be the missing ingredient.


Let’s work together with the goal of improvement for the coming year

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