Good Coaching = Communication


Back in 2005, when I ventured to London to start my Sports Science Degree, it was all about the desire to understand more why programs, drills, games, exercises were designed a certain way. Looking for all the answers but leaving with more questions than answers!! A great experience but looking back I ...

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SPEED & Gaelic Games Part 2:


As highlighted in part 1, linear speed is important but our national games are also multi-directional. Players require that ability to decelerate, change direction, to roll or side step an opponent and even the basic skill of jumping and landing safely. Reducing the risk of injury alongside performance enhancement, which should underpin ...

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SPEED & Gaelic Games Part 1:


In the overall area of physical preparation SPEED training is getting more and more attention. It is certainly one of the words that springs to mind when thinking of current All Ireland senior champions Dublin and Limerick. What stood out from watching the top inter county teams is the amalgamation of speed ...

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