I want to develop my speed

All athletes want to be faster, but few understand how to do it. I want to change that.

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I want to improve my performance

All coaches want better performances. I believe in better preparation = better players = better potential performance

‘Jigsaw’ Approach
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We want to provide our players with the tools to succeed

All clubs want to improve their players. Bring a mindset of continual improvement and I believe the potential is unlimited.

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Philosophy: Having fun getting better

My philosophy is based on providing performance solutions to help athletes, coaches, teams, & clubs perform to their potential and at the highest level possible. Every situation is unique based on age, training history, injuries, ability and sport. What will work for one person or group might not be the answer elsewhere.

It is about bringing focus, intent, and consistency to preparation and performance. Create an environment of learning and discipline where people are serious of improvement and achieving their dreams. Athlete development, coaching, and performance fascinate me. The enjoyment comes from working with people who commit to getting better. It is the same approach I brought as a player and as a coach today.

There will be challenges to overcome and the desired result or outcome will not always be achieved. In sport as in life ultimately it’s about committing to excellence, which creates the greatest potential for success and a more enjoyable journey.

Paudie Kissane


I have worked with Paudie over the last three years in his role as S&C Coach of the Eire Og senior football team. Over this period, Paudie’s commitment to developing us collectively as a team and individually as players and athletes has been first class.  Paudie’s application and attention to detail in the various elements of athletic development and coaching has significantly improved our team’s performance.  (Premier Intermediate Champions 2019 & Senior A Champions 2020)

Daniel Goulding, Eire OG, Cork

I had suffered a number of soft tissue injuries previously so had to be mindful of this when training. I found Paudie extremely helpful with managing my training load both in the gym and on the field. He was extremely professional and tailored my training plans to suit my individual needs. I suffered no injuries while Paudie was S&C and he played a big role in this.

John Meagher, Tipperary Senior Football

I first worked with Paudie with Cork and subsequently with individual programs and found him top class to deal with. His programs were specific to me and tailored towards football and the club and county season. It was a huge help having an organised program to peak at the right time of the year and something I wish I had started earlier in my career. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wishes to develop themselves as an athlete.

Bart Daly, Cork, Duhallow & Newmarket

I have engaged with Paudie in relation to a number of underage teams, specific players and squads from club to development squad level in recent times. His advice has been a highlight, to many of my teams seasons and to myself as a coach bringing an injection of freshness, unparalleled experience and attention to detail.

Daniel Cronin (Club & Academy Inter-county Coach, St Mary’s & Cork GAA)

Paudie’s preparation, level of thought, and overall attention to detail is always exceptional.
What sets him apart, however, is that he has the knowledge and experience to back up that preparation, and the ability to implement it.

Gary Breenan, Former Player & Captain of Clare Senior Football Team

Paudie puts a huge emphasis on match specific training sessions. This exposes players to many conditions and challenges which lead to significant individual and team development. He is an asset to any team.

Donal O’Sullivan, Limerick Senior Football Player

I was very thankful for Paudie’s stewardship, when a daughter of mine was pursuing sporting excellence and he methodically assessed and fine tuned her technique and performance by implementing suitable training programs.

Barry Harte, Parent