Training or Coaching

As coach’s we spend a couple of hours a week coaching our players / teams with the aim of improving their performance for the next game or improving an element of the game plan with a longer term championship game in mind.
We put responsibility on our players and demand intensity, commitment, and improvement. If we are not getting the desired results, we blame the players rather than reflecting on our own performance as COACH. You have to ask yourself are my sessions providing players with optimal environment for improvement???
Things to consider:
During your sessions how much time are the players actively involved developing their skills or decision making? Too many players behind markers, lack of footballs/sliotars or too much time spent talking by the coach can reduce the players time to practice!! At times players can spend over half a session standing a round…
Yes I feel there is a time for drills to be included in a session particularly if there is a skill weakness you want to focus on and build players execution & confidence.. The majority of time should be spend using a variety of games / game scenario’s to ensure you get a greater transfer to game performance. If you are just doing drills in training then you will not get the improvement you desire..
It is a lot easier to run a training session than it is to run an effective coaching session. Training can be as simple as copying a few ideas off the internet, running a series of fitness / skill drills and telling players exactly what to do, start -stop on the whistle etc…Coaching though involves identifying areas for improvement from a game plus developing further things your team are doing well. Then you use different games/game scenario’s in a session and combine this with effective communication. This creates more decision making and understanding for the player = better performance!
How are you communicating with your players? Do you just roar at them in the session and either give out to them or always tell them exactly what to do?? You wont be on the pitch during a game so you need to develop a players decision making and understanding. Why not question them on what they need to do or what they are doing well etc… and let them come up with the answer. If they can understand what to do, then there is a greater chance their performance in both practice and games can improve.
Like always I have made all of these mistakes myself and combined with current best practice & research I continue to develop my methods. Make sure you REFLECT on your performance so you improve your TEAMS PERFORMANCE!!T

by Paudie

I am passionate and motivated in helping athletes, coaches and teams in fulfilling their potential and being the BEST THEY CAN BE.... Using extensive knowledge and current best practice, it is about bringing clarity and purpose to the journey you are on. RAISING STANDARDS....