Gary Brennan (Captain of Clare Senior Footballers 2014, National Football League Division 4 Promotion 2014)

Paudie was a key factor in the improvement of Clare Football in 2014.
His preparation, level of thought, and overall attention to detail is always exceptional.
What sets him apart, however, is that he has the knowledge and experience to back up that preparation, and the ability to implement it.
His coaching is always game-specific and worthwhile. He can bring players to a totally new standard.

Paul Grey (Chartered Physiotherapist)

Paudie completed a pre-season movement screening of players who had been identified as more injury prone over the past two seasons. Paudie was then able to flag up any inadequacies in both range of movement and control of movement. He then designed individual programs to correct these deficiencies , which included stretching routines, soft tissue release and specific strengthening exercises.
Players were provided with both off-season and in-season programs to help improve strength, power and exercises aimed at injury prevention. We found his advice in how to adapt the program from pre-season to in-season particularly useful as this is always an issue re both time and energy constraints for players. The programs were supplemented with excellent information on nutrition, hydration and recovery.
Both the players and myself as a Chartered Physiotherapist found Paudie to be very professional and knowledgeable, and it always helps when the gym sessions are enjoyable too. He is a great stickler for correct technique. The players reported they found the whole process a very positive experience and we plan to continue to develop this further.
I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Paudie Kissane in designing Athlete Development programs to help increase power, strength, flexibility and help with injury prevention.

Daniel Goulding (Cork Senior Footballer & Eire Og Player)

I previously worked with Paudie when he was the strength and conditioning coach for my club team Eire Og. Paudie was very committed, professional and knowledgeable in terms of providing all the essentials to prepare a team for the league and championship. When Paudie first met with the team, he laid out a comprehensive plan of what the team was going to focus on in relation to strength and conditioning for the year. Each player was screened for movement and mobility as well as strength and fitness tested. From here, Paudie provided collective team strength and conditioning program for the preseason to improve strength, power, and reduce the risk of injury. These programs were tailored to suit the individual based on their performance in the preseason testing. Once the preseason program was complete, the group was then retested again where significant improvements were seen in individual strength, fitness and mobility scores. A new program was then issued which was more focused on maintaining the good work that had been done in the preseason but was also focused on being 100% ready for the championship. To complement the work being done in the gym and on the field, Paudie provided valuable nutrition, hydration, and recovery advice and plans to supplement the preseason and in-season training program. In his time in Eire Og, Paudie put the team in a strong position to be as competitive as possible in championship and greatly improved players understanding and application when it comes to strength and conditioning, injury prevention, recovery and dietary performance.

Conor Buckley (Lyre Manager, Duhallow Football Championship Winners 2013)

In 2013 Paudie was a vital part of our team preparation and eventual success in the Duhallow Championship, his professional approach to training and player development meant players reached their full potential in the physical and mental preparation needed for success. Paudie created a positive team environment during his time with us in 2013 and I wish him all the best in the future”

Ray Carey (Clyda Rovers Senior Football, Cork Premier Intermediate Football & Munster Football Champions 2013, Division 2 Football Winners, 2014)

We are very fortunate to have somebody with Paudies knowledge and dedication so involved with our club. He has been an integral part of the success of Clyda helping us win Munster and County titles. Not just as a player but his attitude and professionalism in coaching, individual programs and player development has helped players reach a new level”.