Team Performance

Physical Preparation & Coaching

Off Season, Pre and In-Season programs are provided to teams to improve their physical ability or technical and tactical performance.



A service is provided to coaches or clubs who are requiring consultancy regarding a particular area of their performance program. This may involve just one or a number of visits and will be judged on a case-by-case basis. An example would be a team who is looking to increase the resiliency of its players and reduce the number of injuries they are picking up. Another example would be a coach looking for advice on how to integrate the physical and tactical training into the training session and as part of a periodised training program.

An ON-LINE Consultancy option is also available where i can discuss any aspect of coaching, training, or performance of which suit your own particular needs.

Physical Preparation

Teams are provided with top class and highly specific programs starting in the off – season and running right through to the competition period. The two main principles involve PLANNING & MONITORING OF THE TRAINING with the program including athlete profiling, injury prevention, movement skills, strength & power development and conditioning. The programs can be tailored depending on the demands of the sport, coach’s philosophy, and the team’s style of play. Elements of the conditioning training can be integrated into the skill and tactical training to optimize the training process.


Teams are provided with top class coaching specific to the particular needs of the team and their level of development. The training may include drills, small sided/conditioned games, game scenarios and tactical walk through’s to develop a player’s skill levels, tactical awareness, and decision making with aim of maximizing overall team performance. The training may be combined with the physical preparation to maximise the training process.

Gary Brennan (Captain of Clare Senior Footballers 2014, National Football League Division 4 Promotion 2014)

Paudie was a key factor in the improvement of Clare Football in 2014.
His preparation, level of thought, and overall attention to detail is always exceptional.
What sets him apart, however, is that he has the knowledge and experience to back up that preparation, and the ability to implement it.
His coaching is always game-specific and worthwhile. He can bring players to a totally new standard.