Sports Science & Analysis

Athlete Profiling, Movement Assessment, and Training Monitoring services are provided to ensure we provide more accurate training prescription, maximise your recovery and reduce the risk of illness and injury.


Monitoring how an athlete is responding to the training is vital in maximizing performance. The type of training each athlete can cope with is varied while also the type of training an athlete can handle from day to day is varied. RECOVERY is a huge part of getting the right results. There are a lot of stressors in our life that can negatively affect our RECOVERY, increase our risk of illness and reduce our ADAPTATION to the training, which is the aim of every program. (AM I ACTUALLY GETTING FITTER/FASTER/STRONGER!!) The wrong training description, a stressful day at work, travel, poor sleep or nutrition may affect our training performance and limit the results we get from the training program and lead to potential injury and poor performance.

Athlete Monitoring is used to help us guide the training process. Rather than just going on how an athlete looks or feels the analysis will provide details on what is happening inside the body and what effect overall stress is having on the body. The MONITORING will help predict the athletes state of RECOVERY and help us make better decisions regards the training process. The aim of any training program should be to train as much as is necessary and not as much as possible ! Subsequently reducing the risk of injury and maximizing performance.

Athlete Profiling:

An Athlete Profiling service is provided where athletes undergo a series of movement and performance tests. Your strengths and weaknesses are analyzed and a correct training strategy and program is then developed. Athlete Profiling can also aid in motivating an athlete to apply themselves 100% to the training program. Unless you monitor an individual throughout the season, it’s difficult to pinpoint what elements of fitness you need to maintain or improve on. This is why sometimes there are individuals / teams who appear fitter at the start of the playing season rather than when it’s needed in the heat of championship!!


Movement Assessment: “Injury Reduction & Physical Development”

This is ideal for athletes who are prone to injury or feel they are slow to recover from exercise. Athletes undergo a series of movement and physical competence assessments and then are provided with a corrective exercise program. Depending on the results of the test, the athlete may be referred to a Physiotherapist/Consultant for further examination.