Running – Movement Skills

Combining the art of coaching with modern coaching science and movement mechanics techniques, athletes are provided with acceleration, max velocity and multi directional speed training. Lets transfer the gains made in the gym onto the performance arena.


Running Clinics

Athletes are coached on how to improve their running technique to optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury. Running is a FUNDAMENTAL skill and running with OPTIMAL MECHANICS is paramount to moving FAST which is the ‘GAME CHANGER’ whether it is on the track, field, or court. Maximise your genetic potential and learn the ability to run fast. This is a step-by-step process with the sessions being dictated by the needs and development rate of the athlete. This training may include acceleration, max velocity sprinting, or agility. The athlete’s technique is analyzed initially using video technology and this analysis will guide the training process going forward.

There is also the option of small group sessions or team clinics.