Athlete Development

Learn how to move efficiently and improve your speed, strength, power and conditioning. Reduce your risk of injury and take your sports performance or athletic ability to another level.


Athlete Development programs are provided for DEVELOPMENTAL athletes right up to ELITE level. Athletes undergo a thorough screening and profiling before commencing any program. The programs are individually designed, taking into account an athlete’s training location, training history, sports specific needs and injury history. The program philosophy is based around MOVEMENT, creating a foundation of mobility & stability and building on this with movement skills, explosive power, strength and energy systems development. Nutritional and recovery advice supplements the training program to ensure our athletes get the right results. The overall FOCUS of all programs is to improve your physical capacity, reduce the risk of injury and provide a platform to take your sports specific performance to a higher level.

If you want a program to help you achieve your PERFORMANCE GOAL then


Private Training

Using the same training principles and system used with athletes, clients are provided with cutting edge programs to help them move better, feel better and live a healthier lifestyle

Athlete Development – Individual