No matter what field-sport you play, be it Hurling, Gaelic Football, Hockey, Soccer, running efficiently or being fit!! is an important quality to have. Sure in any game you may have the ball in your possession or in your hands for less than 30 seconds.!! If I can repeatedly run faster and for longer I give myself a platform to take my technical and tactical skills to a higher level!!

But there is more to improving running performance than just doing fitness drills. Sometimes we do a huge volume of running drills or the wrong type of drills and the athlete breaks down injured!!!

This morning I was working with a client who wanted to improve their running performance with the aim of improving their overall sports performance.

What’s involved?
1. On Visit 1 you do a NEEDS ANALYSIS: Important to know what level the athlete is at right now specific to the game demands. Also what level is their general movement, flexibility, stability, and power. It is about individualizing the TRAINING PROCESS. I look at running mechanics, are the arms & legs moving around the body in a cyclic motion, where is foot placement?? (Video Analysis can be used to improve running technique)

On analyzing the results from the Needs Analysis a PROGRAM is designed which may include exercises the develop the following:
1. Pillar Prep: Does the athlete have sufficient mobility & stability that energy can be transferred through the body efficiently. Inefficient movement leads to decreased performance and increased risk of injury.
2. Movement Prep: using dynamic movement to re-establish mobility, stability and coordination & improve posture.
3. Plyometrics: Teaching the body to store and release energy powerfully
4. Movement Mechanics: Running is a skill! Developing the technique and power to move fast forward and multi-directional
5. Finally the actual Running drills to be performed to develop the player’s cardiovascular fitness!!
There is more to improving running than just running drills!!! It is about using a TRAINING SYSTEM and providing a BASE with the aim of maximize the athlete’s performance.

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by Paudie

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