RECOVERY seems to be the buzzword lately. Unless RECOVERY is a big part of your training program then your program isn’t cutting edge! Now this would make sense in that

WORK + REST = increased fitness or performance!!

I agree recovery is important but feel coaches/teams are too quick to emphasize techniques such Cryotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Ice Baths, Compression Tights etc…when the basics in program planning and recovery are not adhered to first by both coach’s and players.

SLEEP is the no1 recovery tool followed by nutrition and hydration. No point jumping into the ice bath unless you are getting high quality sleep, nutrition, and hydration. I think some players at all levels still under-estimate the importance of getting the basics right on a consistent basis. Now we can all have a bad nights sleep once in a while and a bit of ice of cream every now and then isn’t going to kill you!! But once you are getting the basics right the majority of the time you will be doing well. Also we all know the player who is great to down the protein shake and look the part but is a lousy trainer, you must train hard first before you even need to recover!

As coaches it is important you structure your training sessions appropriately with a variety of hard, medium, and light sessions. This will be dictated by the game schedule, whether it is pre-season or in-season and by the training readiness of your players. Get this right and your players will get the REST they have earned and you as coach will reap the benefits on the training field. Get this wrong though and players will break down with injury or illness. WORK + REST

As we understand the SCIENCE better behind the TRAINING PROCESS we realize that first we need to be clear what kind of players we are working with but also how vital it is to MONITOR the training and how the athlete is responding to the training. You may have a great plan but this may need to be tweaked depending on how the players are responding to training. A session that the coach thought was light might in fact been hard for the players. Don’t just presume it was a light session, monitor your players before, during, and after and don’t be afraid to change things during a session. This can be at first but as you get more experience it can be easier to do.

Recovery is important and the many recovery modalities available can be beneficial to the player but make sure they TRAIN HARD, TRAIN SMART and get your BASICS are right first….


by Paudie

I am passionate and motivated in helping athletes, coaches and teams in fulfilling their potential and being the BEST THEY CAN BE.... Using extensive knowledge and current best practice, it is about bringing clarity and purpose to the journey you are on. RAISING STANDARDS....