Athlete Profiling

While some teams are still dreaming of glory, many club players are well rested from training and games at this stage and are keen to do something.  This new enthusiasm to train can be brought on after a few weeks of letting the hair down or with some players they just have the urge to do some form of exercise.

Some will play soccer over the winter, some will go running, while a certain amount will hit the gym.  What i can’t understand is you will have players who will commit to going to the gym 2-3 times a week but they won’t have any clue whether the exercises they are doing are suited to their specific needs and progress will be limited.  Generally the player will do the exercises he likes, for example bicep curls and bench press plus maybe a few sets of the leg extension to make sure the quads get a good hit!!  No balance or focus to the program and basically just a few random exercises thrown together. “Fail to Prepare..Prepare to Fail”

Would not it be much more beneficial to perform a training program that is specific to your particular strength’s and weaknesses while also considering the needs of your sport.  This could involve analysing recent training history and include measuring range of motion, strength, power, technique, body composition and endurance. Find out where you rate physically at present, plan from there and tweak if necessary going forward to ensure you reduce the risk of injury and maximise your performance.

I am biased of course, but still rather than just advocating best practice it seems like common sense!!  Know where you are now to ensure you take the right road going forward.




by Paudie

I am passionate and motivated in helping athletes, coaches and teams in fulfilling their potential and being the BEST THEY CAN BE.... Using extensive knowledge and current best practice, it is about bringing clarity and purpose to the journey you are on. RAISING STANDARDS....